Thirsty 'Count down to Christmas' Advent Calendar

Treat yourself to the Ultimate Christmas Advent Calendar...

24 beers for a truly indulgent festive run up.

Includes a mixture of styles but does favour a hoppy number. Sour Sundays, some decadent wintery stouts and some chunky DIPAs. We've made things a bit more sessionable earlier in the week and popped a few extra treats in there too.

Includes beer from:


Neon Raptor



Pressure Drop


Where possible we have tried to avoid having duplicates of the beers available in our fridges here at Thirsty, but there will be a few crossovers. If you'd like a full list please ask, but we think it's much more fun as a surprise!

These will be available to collect from Saturday 14th November or delivery on 17th November

Please do not use the discount code, we have priced this as nicely as possible to give you some great value super beers.

Also includes £5 gift voucher to be redeemed in January!

We will have some extremely special Christmas beers on sale from the week of the 9th November, please do add one of these in for your Christmas day treat before collection/delivery

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