Sarris Robola 2019 Orange

The Sarris winery is in the south-west of Kefalonia, overlooking the Ionian Sea. This is in an area of picturesque villages, olive and orange groves, as well as vineyards in terraces below a forest of black pine. The winemaking is what you might call 'low intervention'. The wine is fermented with wild yeasts, half in a two year-old, two tonne oak barrel, and half in stainless steel. There is a bit of skin contact, and then it is left to do its thing, bottled unfined and unfiltered and with no additions save a little sulphur at bottling. The end result is a bright, crisp white - a little floral, with a lovely citrus intensity, great minerality and a lot of layers. It has many of the elements you get in Santorini Assyrtiko, with a little less power and a softer, easier-going character. And while Santorini prices continue to soar, this is exceptionally good value.

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