ON TAP Polly's Brew Co. | Carrier Waves | American Hopped IPA 7.2% x 1LITRE

We're kicking it old school on this one! We'll shout across the rooftops until we're hoarse about how much we love those classic American beers of yesteryear; before soupy dry-hopped juicebombs were even a glint in a brewers eye, it was all about that IBU race - punchy, bright and clean bitterness, with enough fruitiness to keep everything in check. We've gone all out on our tribute to these beers with Carrier Waves; purposely keeping our hop bill to those that would have been available to our old school brewing heroes; Chinook, Cascade and Centennial in the dry-hop, and a sprinkling of even more Chinook in the whirlpool. This beer is an homage to the old school with pithy citrus, juicy blood orange, and just a hint of pineapple sweetness

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