Megyer Tokaji Late Harvest 'H' 2015 50cl |Sweet Wine|Hungary|

Wine description: Megyer Tokaji Furmint Late Harvest ‘F’ 2018

A very easily drinkable late harvest wine. Aged and fermented in stainless steel in order to keep fresh fruitiness. Pineapple, apricot and tropical fruits in your glass.

The Vintage: Harvested from the end of October until mid November, we harvested bunches containing loads of ripened berries, the pressed in whole.Situated in the picturesque region of Tokaji-Hegyalja in north-eastern Hungary

thesevineyards were first planted by Count Ferenc Dobó in 1576 and then later in 1737 was classified as Grand Cru by Royal Decree. With its sister vineyard Pajzos the Chateau shares winemaking facilities and the famous Rákóczi Cellars at the Sárospatak Castle, the largest and best preserved Renaissance castle inHungary.

The vineyard has a south and southwest aspect and is close to one of the two

rivers that dissect the region, the Bodrog. Being close to the Bodrog the microclimate is a degree or two cooler than in the valley. The soil is a rich volcanic rhyolite containing crystalline fragments that foster wines with firm character.

Chateau Megyer has 83 hectares with 45% planted with Furmint grapes.

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