Megyer Tokaji Dry Furmint 2016

Hungary’s most famous white wine, high quality, indigenous grape variety.

The grape has different flavour profiles depending on the terroir but always has a fine structure and tart

backbone. This dry Furmint is full of fruit, citrus and lime aromas with lively acidity.

Recommended with seafood, fish especially in butter sauces, poultry, and lightly spiced dishes.

Suitable for Vegetarians.

The Vintage: The Summer of 2016 was characterized by a heat wave and drought, so drought injury and

sun burn was found. It was an easy year in terms of plant protection. There was relatively little rain fall,

therefore there was early maturity hence the early harvest.

Comment: Furmint is one of the components of the famous Tokaji sweet Aszu wines.

Harvested in September for dry wines. It has excellent ageing potential, with dry wines growing darker in

the bottle with age, as the sweet wines do. The younger vintages are light and fresh, turning more complex

and fuller bodied with age.

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