Egri Jumurdzsak Syrah 2015 |Red Wine|Hungary|

The Egri Korona Borház (Crown Wine House of Eger) is a family winery in the middle of the Eger wine region, right next to the thermal hot spring of Egerszalók & it's unbelievable white cliffs. The area is renowned for its thermal baths & soil rich in volcanic minerals. This Syrah Grand Selection is made by the owners daughter only in select vintages. It commemorates the historic Seige of Eger in 1552 when the Ottoman army seiged the castle, and 1,000 men women & children defeated 100,000 Ottomans. (Reference Bulls Blood). Jumurdzsak was the famous Turkish General known for wearing fine silks, hence a silk wine...

Tasting notes

Deep, dark, soft, round & silky, elegant & warm. A full bodied sensuous and sophisticated.

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