Domaine of the Bee Taronja 2018

This is the second vintage of our ‘orange’ wine, made by fermenting grapes usually destined for white wine, with their skins (and most of their stalks), the same way we’d make a red wine. This process means that the wine picks up an amber/coppery colour from the skins (Grenache Gris grapes are actually slightly pink), as well as a considerable amount of fresh, peppery tannins.


The deeply pink coloured Grenache Gris grapes have lent this wine a resonant orange-pink hue, lightened a little this year with the paler-skinned Muscat.


Eyes closed, and it is hard to know if you'd place this as a white or a red - the aromas are more delicate and perfumed than a typical red, with notes of rose petals, muscat grapes, rose-hip syrup, ginger and orange peel.


Citrus peel is evident on the palate too, and there's definitely a refreshing tannic grip and a twist of bitterness remniscent of a good negroni. Yet the ripeness and generosity of fruit is what leaves a lasting impression, with rolling waves of flavour that you'd never normally find in a white wine made from these grapes.



Winemaking Notes

Made in a similiar way to our red wines. We made several barrel fermentations - some 'whole bunch', one or two 'carbonic maceration', and the rest with de-stemmed grapes. We fermented in open top 500L barrels, and left the skins (and stalks) macerating in the wine for 2 weeks after the fermentation finished. We protected the wine from oxidation and from microbiological contamination with dry ice, and low levels of sulphur. The wine was aged in neutral barriques, and bottled after 6 months in barrel, with no fining and a light filtration

Growing Conditions

Parcels of Muscat, Viognier, and low-yielding, old vine Grenache Gris were left to ripen a little more than normal, and then picked when the flavour development was optimal, and the skins and stems were fully ripe.

Food Pairing

Orange wines are a great accompaniment to the cheeseboard, and go very well to with dried fruits and nuts. A great aperitif wine.

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