Domaine de Thalie Balancin Pinot Noir 2018

Winemaker: Peter Gierszewski

Region: Mâcon-Bray, Burgundy,


Grapes: Pinot Noir

Alcohol: 13%

Sulphur: 21mg/l (total)

Suitable for vegans: Yes

Altitude: 350 m

Total area farmed: 4.5 ha (these

two parcels make up 1 ha)

Soils: Limestone and clay, more

stony in one parcel, deeper and

redder clay in the other

Age of vines: average of 25 yrs


Viticulture: Organic (certified) +

biodynamic principles

Vineyards: Peter’s secluded

corner of Southern Burgundy

is striking for its biodiversity:

polyculture, cattle farms, deep

forests, and mixed agriculture,

far from the monoculture that

is more prevalent further North.

His vines are between 300 and

400m in altitude with a wide

diurnal range that preserves

acidity and freshness even in

hotter vintages. Technically a

west exposition, although the

vines see the sun from 9am

until sundown, creating perfect

ripening conditions. The soils

here are very varied, with a

little bit of limestone and clay

which is common in the region,

but also quite a bit of marl and


Vinification: The wine is

fermented with 70% whole

bunches in steel tanks. It

stays on skins for 20 days

and after pressing it finishes

fermentation in steel before

eventually being gravity-fed

into old barrels. The free flow

and pressed wine are both

aged separately for one year

in barrels and blended before

bottling. Bottled unfined,

unfiltered, small sulphite


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