Domaine Castera Jurancon Sec 2019

Tasting Notes

This is the classic expression, pure and like a cross between Sancerre and dry Chablis with freshness, purity and finesse that I loved and will enjoy drinking at home as an aperitif and with fish, salads and first courses.

More Info

Frank Lihour is a young, fifth generation winemaker from Monein, who has lit a fire under this sleepy region with wines that sing with Jurancon purity and terroir. Franck has made wines for over 10 years around the world (including, it turns out, at our friends at Beaumont winery in South Africa) where he picked up many ideas to improve the quality of wine back home. He gingerly introduced them to his father, and now has taken over full throttle, and wow, these wines are superb!

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