Atelier Kramar Primario 2018

Winemaker: Katja & Matjaž


Region: Gorižka Brda, Slovenia

Grapes: 100% Rebula (+ tiny

amount of Pinot Blanc, less

than 1%)

Alcohol: 12%

Sulphur: 40mg/l total

Suitable for vegans: Yes

Altitude: 120m

Total Area Farmed: 4.8 hectares

Soils: ‘Ponca’ + little bit of clay

Age of vines: 5-50 yrs

Viticulture: Organic

(certification from 2019 vintage)

Vineyards: The grapes for

this wine come from a couple

of different parcels within

the Kramars’ property, with

portions of old vines and a

couple of sections which they

planted in 2012. The vines are

primarily on top of ‘Ponca’

soils (sandstone marl) which

are typical for the region, and

also found over the border in

Collio, Italy. There is also a

varying amount of clay present

in the upper layer. The vines

on the slope have little to no

topsoil whilst the vines at the

bottom of the hill are sitting on

as much as 10 meters, making

for slight variations within the

same vineyard. Lots of native

grasses and wild radicchio

grow between the rows,

helping to provide rich humus

and healthy soils teeming with


Vinification: The grapes were

de-stemmed, and spontaneous

fermentation kicked off in steel

tanks with three days of skin

contact. Fermentation lasted

4 weeks, after which the wine

was racked and put back in

steel. It then spent 10 months

on its fine lees prior to bottling.

Bottled unfined and unfiltered.

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